Reports Issued As State Auditor – January 2013 – Present

Audits can be found here

Other reports available here

Peace & Justice Center – Vermont Job Gap Study: Phases 1 – 10

The Leaky Bucket: An Analysis of Vermont’s Dependence on Imports (2000)

Economic Development in Vermont: Funding, Priorities, and Performance (2006)

Business Climate Revisited: Domestic Business Relocation and Jobs (2010)

Public Assets Institute – Various publications

Rising Energy Costs Plague State Government, Too

Some Necessities Cost More, Others Don’t

The State of Working Vermont 2008

Vermont Household Budget Affordability Analysis

Peace & Justice Center Vermont Job Gap Study: Phases 1 – 10

VT State Treasurer A Survey of Economically Targeted Investments: Opportunities for Public Pension Funds

Windham Child Care Association The Economic Impact of Vermont’s Child Care Industry

Renewable Energy Vermont Economic Footprint Fact Sheet

Vermont Housing Finance Agency Between A Rock and A Hard Place

Good Jobs First Shopping For Subsidies: How Wal-Mart Uses Taxpayer Money To Finance Its Never-Ending Growth

Burlington Electric Department Performance Measures Report

Reports for the State Auditor

June 6, 2000 Economic Progress Council
May 17, 2000 Dept. of Aging & Disabilities
April 10, 2000 Migrant Education Program
July 13, 1998 Dept. of Developmental and Mental Health Services
Jan. 26, 1998 Weatherization Assistance Program
Dec. 18, 1997 Foster Care Licensing
March 12, 1997 Dept. of Banking, Insurance, Securities & Health Care Admin.
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