2012 Testimonials

“I have worked with Doug Hoffer for over 20 years and watched him as a leader and innovator in developing and advocating smart long term policies for government that are accountable; job creation and economic development that maximizes our investment; and food and energy system changes that lead to more control and wealth for Vermonters.

He thinks deeply, asks hard questions, analyzes the facts carefully and comes up with solutions that work, but don’t always support conventional wisdom. This is the kind of independent State Auditor I want for Vermont.”

Will Raap
Founder, Gardener’s Supply


“[State Senator Vince] Illuzzi called Hoffer `an invaluable resource’ to all the committees on which Illuzzi has served, describing his analytical skills as a ‘hot knife through butter.’ “

Rutland Herald
October 27, 2010


“Doug knows how to get to the heart of financial reports and make his findings understandable to non-financial people. He is a proven hard worker and is not using this candidacy as a stepping stone….he is fully qualified to be the Vermont state auditor and wants to give 100% to the effort. Let’s elect Doug Hoffer on November sixth.”

Rep. Tim Jerman,
Chittenden 6-2, Essex Junction


“Doug Hoffer is one of the most straightforward, hard-working and honest people I have ever worked with. He is an incredible analyst. Vermont would be served well by his skills and his worth ethic. He would make a fantastic auditor.”

Mary Sullivan,
Former State Representative


“During my years in the legislature, I have come to respect Doug as a very hard-working person who knows his facts. He is, in the best sense of the word, a “bulldog” whose skills are a perfect match for the job of Auditor and I support him without reservation!”

Rep. Warren Kitzmiller,
Washington 5, Montpelier


“Doug always knows the right questions to ask to get below the surface.
He has a rare ability to dig deeper into the data to illuminate all
sides of an issue, not just the angle that protects the status quo.”

Liz Curry,


“Doug is the best state auditor we could have. He understands all the ins and outs of the state budget and is able to analyze it carefully and fully and articulate what is in the best interests of working Vermonters. He will be an excellent advocate for Vermont and working Vermonters.”

Liz Blum,
Chair, Norwich Listers


“Doug has a long history of producing reports with evidence-based findings, which is a core principle for an Auditor. When he draws policy options from statistics, he examines the ramifications and possibilities.”

Connie Krosney,
(retired) Professor of Graduate Education


“I have now heard Doug Hoffer speak a number of times and am always impressed by his intelligence and analysis. Mr. Hoffer is a number cruncher and fact finder who looks at the evidence first. He certainly has my support.” (post date Aug 8, 2012)

Charlotte Osterlund

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