Auditor candidate Doug Hoffer Says He’ll Work Overtime While Republican Opponent Says He’ll Work Part-Time

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Posted on September 19, 2012 in Press Releases


BURLINGTON—Democratic candidate for State Auditor Doug Hoffer today criticized his Republican challenger for saying he would keep his current state-funded job for up to two years if he was elected State Auditor, a post that pays over $95,000.

“Vermonters should be shocked that Sen. Vince Illuzzi of Newport wants to keep his job as State’s Attorney in Essex County for up to two years if he should win the State Auditor’s job,” Hoffer said. “Sen. Illuzzi wants to keep his $60,000 paycheck as a State’s Attorney, plus add the $95,000 a year for being State Auditor,” Hoffer declared.

“The Auditor’s Office has a dozen employees, a budget of $4 million per year, and a list of issues to tackle that is extensive. It is disturbing to hear that Vince thinks the State Auditor’s job is a part-time position,” Hoffer said.

Hoffer noted that Illuzzi discussed his double-dipping intentions on the WCAX program “You Can Quote Me” this past Sunday (Sept. 16). The WCAX reporter asked Mr. Illuzzi the question directly: “If you were elected [State Auditor]…would [you] continue to do [the other job]?”

Mr. Illuzzi responded by saying, “I think I would [do both] for a time period until I transition out of the position. It’s a four-year term [and] it doesn’t expire until 2014.”

Hoffer remarked that, “This is an extraordinary and troubling declaration. It suggests that Mr. Illuzzi does not view the Auditor’s job as requiring his full attention.”

Hoffer said, “I am campaigning hard to win this race,” said Hoffer, “and I expect to win with strong Democratic, progressive and independent support. If elected, I can assure Vermonters that the job of State Auditor will be my sole focus.”

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