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Posted on August 8, 2012 in Press Releases


I was surprised to see Mr. Illuzzi’s suggestions today since the core elements are already part of the state’s Human Resources Policy Manual (see below).

The auditor has an important role to play ensuring compliance with policies and procedures. But any recommendations should come after conducting the necessary research, not before. In this case, Mr. Illuzzi admitted that he had “not yet had the opportunity to assess agency by agency and department current controls that may be in place.” He should have done his homework.

The overtime issue is important and deserves a thorough review. That’s what Vermonters can expect from me.


Number 11.2
Applicable To: All classified employees, as well as exempt and temporary, with the Executive Branch of the State of Vermont.
Issued By: Department of Personnel
Download the DHR-Policy_Manual.pdf

Note: Policies are in italics.

Illuzzi #1: Develop a strong system of checks and balances to ensure that no employee has complete control over preparing, approving and submitting his or her own timesheet or expense report:

Employees must complete a time sheet for each pay period and submit it to their supervisor in order to process final pay. (p.153)

The appointing authority shall ensure that all overtime earned and used is recorded on the employee’s time sheet as it occurs. (p.175)

Illuzzi #2: Require prior written authorization for all non-emergency overtime hours that is granted only for specific, verifiable purposes, consistent with departmental mission

Employees may not authorize their own overtime without permission from management (p.174)

Employees shall be given two (2) weeks’ notice of scheduled overtime. However, in emergency situations, the employer shall give the maximum notice practical under the circumstances. (p.174)

Telework: Requests for overtime must be authorized in advance in accordance with the provisions of state policy, any local procedures and applicable collective bargaining
agreement. (p.192)

Illuzzi #3: Ensure that agency assets such as vehicles, cell phones, equipment, and other agency resources are used only for official business.

Although an interesting subject, it is not directly related to the issue of overtime.

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